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Author of the Revisions to the Truth Series




Book one of the Revisions to the Truth Series


Book one of the Revisions to the Truth Series

Book two of the Revisions to the Truth Series

Broken Oaths

Book two of the Revisions to the Truth Series

" He led into the pitch black of the cave. Whym could tell by the slope they were descending. The temperature, as well, dropped as they entered the depths of the mountain. For a while, their steps and breaths were the only sounds, but then he heard another—the trickle of water. As it grew louder, the trickle became a rush, and he could see a faint glow ahead. "
— Birthrights

Critical Acclaim

“Birthrights is an ambitious, sprawling work of fantasy that does a good job of engaging its readers. Whether I was reading about Whym, a young man with a lot of potential and an unfortunate heritage; or Quint, another young man who ventures well outside the comforts of his religious upbringing after learning to question its veracity – I cared.”

– Ellen Putnam, The Charlotte Geeks


“J. Kyle McNeal managed to convince me, draw me in, entertain me, and glue me to the pages. The various plots were presented in a masterful way with enough surprises to keep you reading and wondering. Experienced readers will understand when I say it’s a book you can get comfortable with, and kind of get attached to.”

– Kim Anisi, Readers’ Favorite

“A fantasy of magic, power, corruption, and coming of age, all told in a vigorous prose.”

Dr. Terry Norton Professor Emeritus of Literacy, Winthrop University

“Kyle McNeal builds a diverse world, rich in history, steeped in mythology, and peopled with complex characters. Beginning on the first page, raw, beautiful language immerses the reader in a story that carries one from the slums of RatsNest to the edge of the Fringe. A pleasure to read.”

Lisa Dunn Author of The Chasmaria Chronicles

“Beautifully written, spectacular descriptive writing, and wonderful characters as well. I think that the rest of this series will be a massive hit among readers.”

– Zoe ShelleyBook Addict Rambles

“Magical, full of rich history, incredible word-building, and a complex plot. I wish that I could forget its contents and read it over and over again.”

– Amira N.Inkscriptions

“A thought-provoking read with a beautifully created culture that readers will appreciate.”

– Camillea, Camillea Reads


“Richly detailed, thought-provoking, and highly intriguing.”

– ArianaThe Quirky Book Nerd

“A fascinating world of varying beliefs”

– Farid-ul-HaqThe Geekiary

“The astounding levels of political intrigue combined with the interesting central characters and the intricate world and personal histories, all combined to make this a complex yet alluring read.”

– Dannii ElleUnited by Pop

“Just be prepared –there are no little ponies and rainbows in this book. J.Kyle McNeal is a brilliant author with tons of imagination. [Birthrights] is definitely a great read!”
“In a universe tainted by corruption, touched by magic, mystery, and even love, Birthrights is the perfect story for those looking for a new fantasy series with a medieval touch.”
“An epic fantasy lovers dream! Colorful scenes, unique characters and an intriguing plot make for a firm foundation for a series that is worlds away.”

About Kyle

Kyle McNeal grew up on the side of a mountain in Western North Carolina, far enough from neighbors that imagination was often his primary companionship. He discovered a magic there―along the winding logging trail, beside the backyard stream, and within the hidden hemlock fort―that instilled a dream to one day share that magic with the world. Thus, while meeting with recruiters during his graduation year from Georgia Tech, he answered the “five-year plan” question with his intention to write fantasy. But first, five years turned into twenty. He worked in management consulting and private equity before tackling the challenge to start and run an operation in China. Seasoned by his many travels and experiences, and eager to write full-time, he resigned his management role abroad and returned to the U.S. From his home in Fort Mill, South Carolina, he strives to merge the nuances of the real world with the magic of imagination, to weave stories that both entertain and provoke reflection.

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My passion for writing is sustained by sharing my stories with readers — with you. As such, hearing from you delights me. If you have questions or comments (feedback, positive or otherwise, is welcomed), send them my way. I promise to respond.

For those of you who’ve been inspired by my work to create your own — whether pictures, artwork, poems, songs, or another medium I’ve failed to anticipate — I encourage you to share. If you prefer that I keep these items to myself, I’ll honor your wishes. But unless you state otherwise, I intend to include them on this website and on my social media pages, so that others may also enjoy your creations.

I look forward to hearing from you!

" A bit o' meat in my belly
A mug o' ale with it, too
A pretty lass on my right knee
And one on the left to make two
Forget now your worries and sing 'long with me
And imagine how happy a man you could be
If life were but filled with these simple things three "
— Birthrights


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