Book one of the Revisions to the Truth Series

To escape the burden of his family’s past, Whym accepts an apprenticeship with a master his parents fear and revile. He soon finds himself entangled in a web of treachery and on a perilous journey to locate a creature of myth and magic–a journey that will transform Whym and shape the future of the realm.

Meanwhile, Quint, the son of a powerful religious leader, abandons his faith to join the fight against a corrupt council. As the adviser to a remote tribe, he must find in himself the wisdom and fortitude to save the people from the invading army–and their own leaders.

Civil war looms, defeated foes plot revenge, and an ancient deity schemes to destroy them all. While navigating the shifting sands of truth, the two young men must distill what they believe, and decide on whose side they will stand in the coming conflict.


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Critical Acclaim

“I loved every moment, every page of this story: I was taken into a different world, immersing myself in its history, its complexity, its characters and social life. Overall: beautiful scenarios, unique characters and a thrilling storyline make this a very promising fantasy series!”
Andreia Nuno,  Book Traveller

“The astounding levels of political intrigue combined with the interesting central characters and the intricate world and personal histories, make this a complex yet alluring read.”
Dannii Elle, United by Pop

“One brilliant debut novel. The characters are complex, even the character development is complex, that is what makes this book a wonderful read.”
Celestial Reveries

“I’ve read hundreds of fantasy books in my many years as a reader – most of them I forgot about as they are just more of the same. While Birthrights obviously gets some pointers from the masters of the genre – and being absolutely innovative is almost impossible these days – the book feels fresh and I wasn’t bored at any stage of reading it.”
Kim AnisiReaders’ Favorite

“The standard by which I recommend any book is one of value. I can safely say I’ve gotten hours of entertainment from reading Birthrights, still more from thinking about it, and I’m sure I’ll read it again before Broken Oaths, the next book in the series (due in 2018) comes out.”
Charlotte Geeks

“Beautifully written, spectacular descriptive writing, and wonderful characters as well. I think that the rest of this series will be a massive hit among readers.”
Zoe, Book Addict Rambles

“Just be prepared –there are no little ponies and rainbows in this book. J.Kyle McNeal is a brilliant author with tons of imagination. [Birthrights] is definitely a great read!”
Book Room Reviews

“In a universe tainted by corruption, touched by magic, mystery, and even love, Birthrights is the perfect story for those looking for a new fantasy series with a medieval touch.”

“An epic fantasy lovers dream! Colorful scenes, unique characters and an intriguing plot make for a firm foundation for a series that is worlds away.”
Tome Tender

“A fascinating world of varying beliefs.”
Farid-ul-HaqThe Geekiary

“A fantasy of magic, power, corruption, and coming of age, all told in a vigorous prose.”
Dr. Terry Norton
Professor Emeritus of Literacy, Winthrop University

“Kyle McNeal builds a diverse world, rich in history, steeped in mythology, and peopled with complex characters. Beginning on the first page, raw, beautiful language immerses the reader in a story that carries one from the slums of Ratsnest to the edge of the Fringe. A pleasure to read.”
Lisa Dunn
Author of The Chasmaria Chronicles

“A thought-provoking read with a beautifully created culture that readers will appreciate.”
Camille Reads

“An extremely solid start to a very promising new fantasy series. Richly detailed, thought-provoking, and highly intriguing.”
The Quirky Book Nerd

“There is a legendary sense here that I enjoy encountering in fantasy.  An enjoyable read, I am now looking forward to the follow-up to Birthrights.  Recommended for readers of the young adult and adult range.”
JD DeHart, DeHartReadingAndLitResources

“This world is dense–and I mean that in a good way. In the first few pages, I could feel that much thought and time had been given to creating this world and developing its depth.”
Sheila Goicea, She’s Going Book Crazy

“Very well-written.  J. Kyle McNeal weaves an intricate tapestry of characters and events with strong storytelling and a well-crafted backstory.”
Macky, Alexa Loves Books

“Definitely a book for fans of epic fantasy!”
Obi Book Reviews

“This book was awesome!”
Crossroads Reviews

“Eloquently and beautifully written background history and lore.”
The Brazen Bull

“An exciting and engrossing read — a book that is hard to put down.”
Gina FasanoAstroclone