The Spirit of Collaboration

While I’m normally the type to thrive on competition, one of the most refreshing (and to me, at least, unexpected) aspects of writing has been the high level of camaraderie that I’ve found among fellow authors. Instead of viewing the market as a contest for readers’ attention, most authors I’ve met approach their work with the spirit of collaboration, understanding that the more good books we deliver, the more excited our audience will be to pick up their next read.

I was reminded of this dynamic this past weekend while attending MystiCon in Roanoke, VA. I met a number of fellow authors who are just beginning to make their name. We traded stories. And then there were the authors who could speak with the authority provided by long lists of titles and multiple awards. Despite their success, most of these authors made time to connect on an individual basis and share advice. In particular, I owe a debt of gratitude to Rod (RS) Belcher, Gail Z. Martin, John Hartness, and Chris Kennedy.

Thank you,

J. Kyle McNeal