Why is no one answering the phone or replying to emails?

This is the question I faced around the time of the eclipse. I had written a new blog post and had a number of updates needed on the website my publisher was managing. In addition, we were in the midst of the editing cycle for Broken Oaths and were planning the cover art. Much to do, but no one was responding.

Turns out, there was a simple answer—my publisher was going under. After nearly two weeks of no communication, the news started trickling in. Every employee, from the editing staff to the newly hired marketing team, had been let go. After the initial shock subsided, I met the news with the stages of grief.

DENIAL — “They just signed for my second book. Maybe there’s another explanation. Maybe there’s a transaction that might turn out for the better.”

ANGER — “How can they have just signed my second book if they were going under? How?!?!”

BARGAINING — “What can I do to get my rights back? How can I regain control before a bankruptcy filing?”

DEPRESSION — “Three years of full-time writing … the rights are gone, the royalties are gone, my writing career is toast!”

ACCEPTANCE — “Okay, what can be done now? Lawsuit … check. Focus on finishing Judges By Jij (YA Paranormal Suspense novel) until the fate of the series is determined.”

You recognize the stages. Over the past weeks, I’ve cycled through each of them, watching my epic fantasy series dying on the vine. There’s no sense marketing when the royalties won’t ever be paid. And for a debut author, there are no sales without marketing. But I’m delighted to announce I’ve reached a new stage:

EXCITEMENT — “The misguided ebook pricing, the dearth of marketing, the inability to run specials—with my business background, I can do better once I regain control.”

I’m pleased to announce, with an agreement signed yesterday, I again own the rights to the Revisions to the Truth series. While I considered looking for another publisher, doing so would mean years of delay in the delivery of Broken Oaths and the removal of Birthrights from the market for an extended period of time. I didn’t want either of these outcomes. So, I’m going to publish the series on my own.

Self-publishing DOES NOT mean I’m going to cut corners and offer an inferior product. In fact, I’m contracting, on a freelance basis, with the exact same editors I was working with at the publisher. I’m also hiring the same artist who did an amazing job with the stunning cover to Birthrights. Broken Oaths will not be as good as Birthrights; it will be better! With the world-building completed in the first book, Broken Oaths has a quicker pace and a heroine I was unable to introduce earlier.

There may be a brief disruption while Birthrights is reformatted, but the series will be back soon, and the release date for Broken Oaths will not be delayed. More details will be forthcoming in the coming weeks. I’m excited to bring you this news and truly believe, despite the financial hit, this change will be for the best.