Countdown to Launch

We’ve completed the final layout and proofing edits for Birthrights.  Now, just the countdown to launch — June 6, 2017 (119 more days).

For the few of you who’ve read advance copies of the book and are waiting for the next book’s release, I’m pleased to report that progress on Broken Oaths, the second installment in the Revisions to the Truth series, is on track.  We’re slated to publish in 2018.  I intend to begin the beta reader process sometime around the launch date for Birthrights.

For those of you wary of delving into an unfinished series, I have a pledge and a teaser for you.  My pledge is to release one book per year until the 4-book series is completed.  The teaser is that I’ve created the entire story — the world, the characters, the adventures — in order to write the ending.  Coming 2020!